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Our Team

Nikolay Dimov

Creative Director

Every agency has one like him. He is a living idea generator. Moving from the startup scene, through marketing director at Manpower Bulgaria to managing partner in one of the largest influencer marketing agencies in Bulgaria. Constantly looking for change and new creative challenges, which is the reason why he initiated the Mindblow project. He loves his job and coming up with all sorts of things from creative concepts for clients, to poems and articles.

Ivan Stoev

Strategy Director

Ivan is the brains of the company - literally and figuratively. He is the most experienced in the agency and very often he is the driving force. His experience extends from ex-Marketing Director Prestige 96, through Marketing Manager in Sandoz / Novartis, and before that to Bella Bulgaria. He teaches Strategic Marketing and Behavioural Economics at NBU. Some of the brands he has managed are Trayana, Mirage, Naya, Spoko, Hyper, Troy, Roden Krai, Diklak, ATC, Lopedium, Exoderyl, Familia, Tommy among others.

Stan Peev

Art Director

Stan is the man. Art to the bones. He has 8 years of agency experience under his belt. He honed his skills in the UK, but 3 years ago decided it was time to return to Bulgaria to apply what he has learned in the motherland. Briefly worked as a senior designer at Paysafe. He has worked with brands such as Virgin Media, ICICI Bank, London Olympics and Samsung.