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Rules we live by

Let's hope you do as well.


If you want something done fast, then it won't be good.

Good stuff take time.


If you want something to be good, then it won't be cheap.


Don't teach us how to do our job, please.

Let's try to build a relationship based on dialogue, rather than a monologue.


Good relationships require
mutual trust.

We're not the type to take your money and run away


We' know you want a logo
"the same as that one"

We can show you a better way, see rule #4


Yes, we can do "just
this little extra thing".

We'll have to charge extra though.


The client is not always right.

That's why you have us.


If you don't know what you want to achieve, we won't either.

Again, you can take a look at rule #4


And we can make your logo bigger...

But it rarely makes sense.

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