My Dental Clinic

Case study 001 // Social Media • Digital

We all know how big Sofia is, both in terms of area and population. This means that the more people there are, the more dentists Sofia residents will need. This similarly means, that the competition in this area is very high. Our goal was to successfully position in the online space a newly created dental clinic - My Dental Clinic.

This is a newly opened dental clinic in Sofia. It is built by young professionals united by a single goal - to restore the self-esteem of their patients. This young team is motivated to deliver the best dental service, with each patient leaving with a smile. Their slogan is "Your smile is your new self"

The main target group of the brand are people between 18 - 40, men and women, with high purchasing power, who live near the address of the clinic. At first glance, a wide target, but when you think about it, it is good for everyone to go for a check-up at least once a year.

My Dental Clinic is driven by young professionals, and their main target audience is young people. For this reason, we have built their entire digital branding just for them. We have created beautiful, simple and modern visuals, in pastel colors, to compliment the brand's identity . Our main goal was for the graphic images themselves to correspond to the interior of the clinic, as well as to the already-set colour range of the brand.

The content we created was diverse, it included interesting facts, statistics and useful tips to be directly applicable in the daily lives of the people it reaches. The goal behind our content was to make it shareable so that it could reach more people organically. The copy was informative and friendly, aiming to bridge the gap between the brand and the customers.

In addition, we targeted a wide audience in the area of ​​the clinic with sponsored posts. We also offered a free dental exam to those who doubted the quality of the service. A strategy that pays off over time.

In short, we managed to increase the brand's audience by over 300%, increasing the flow of patients, as well as successfully building an online communication channel of the brand, which flowed individualism and authenticity, all of which a brand needs to stand out from its competitors.

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